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Games are the most elevated form of investigation.​
Albert Einstein

About Us

Who are we?

Ludo World is an indie studio specialized in developing games. This is why we chose Ludo to be the name of our company: Ludo means Game in Esperanto language.

We have a cumulative experience of more than 50 years in developing software solutions. These solutions were mostly business applications. We aim to make our games have the novelty element. Some of the ideas behind our games are scientific concepts like the Six Degrees of Separation on which Elregisseur is based or social behavior simulation like variations on IPD. And some of games will make use of Augmented Reality technology to enrich the player experience.

Why Games?

We have found that this market is still untapped in many geographic regions. So, we decided to put our accumulated knowledge and experience to produce the best possible games on the different mobile platforms.

Probably the most important motivation to move to this market is that it is fun to design, develop, market, and talk about games.

About Us



Movies Charades brought to your mobile

Most of the people have played movies charades or something similar: The players are divided in two teams. Each around, one of the teams, chooses a movie and gives its name to only one member of the other team. This player should come up and act a pantomime scene that help his team members guess the name of the movie. They win if they do it before the time of the round runs up.

Filmo brings this game to the mobile device. A player watches a pantomime scene and guesses the movie that this scene represents.To make the game richer, the clue may be, as well, a drawing, an emoji, an animation, a list of actors, or Hieroglyphics symbols.

A novel thing about this game is that we invite artists who have talent in acting, drawing, or animation to submit their creations to be part of our game. They have even their own leaderboards that show the likes that they get.

  • Platform: Android, IOS mobile devices, and Facebook Instant Games
  • Genre: Trivia with a twist
  • Expected Release Date: December 2020.
  • Monetization model: IAP (Filmo Coins) - Ads
  • Number of players: One – Many in challenges
  • Game length: 100 hours




Filmo Highlights


One interesting aspect of this game is that subscribers all over the world contribute to the set of puzzles. This makes this set very diversified. It also makes the game, though less refined, but more spontaneous. We see it as bringing crowd sourcing to the game content. We believe that will participate largely to the organic marketing of the game.

Filmo Coins

The use of coins to minimize the choices makes the game playable by players with different abilities while providing a good source of monetization.


We have started the game with three sets of movies: Hollywood, Bollywood, and Arabic. They cover probably the biggest portion of movies fans. However, we can easily---actually have plans---to extend the game to movies from other origins and to TV series.


Players can organize themselves into groups. A group has its own leaderboard. Moreover, a player can challenge members of the same group(s) to solve a common puzzle. The winner takes the bid value of coins from the loser.




Six Degrees of Separation put into action

ElRegisseur introduces the player to the concept of “Six Degrees of Separation” while using his knowledge about movies and actors. While playing the game, she increases this knowledge and compete against other players. “Six Degrees of Separation” is the idea that all living things and everything else in the world are six or fewer steps away from each other so that a chain of "a friend of a friend" statements can be made to connect any two people in a maximum of six steps. Elregisseur uses the same idea in the scope of actors and movies. If two actors played in the same movie, they have a connection of degree one. If two actors did not play together in any movie but both have a connection of degree one with the same actor, they have a connection of degree two. And so on for all the connections between all the actors. The game is composed of a series of puzzles. The goal of a puzzle is to find the best way to connect two actors. The challenge is to find the shortest path in the shortest time. We wanted to make ElRegisseur different from traditional Trivia games by introducing the concept of actors’ connectivity via movies. Many players find it quite interesting to discover that two actors who seemed at first unrelated, are not that far according to this concept.



Regisseur Features


Android and IOS mobile devices


Trivia with a twist


Released on 2017


Number of players: One
Two in challenges
Many in competitions


Game length: 150 hours


Game Play: The game is composed of a series of puzzles. A player solving a puzzle should find the connection between two actors in the least number of steps and in the shortest time. The player gets higher points for a shorter time and for fewer steps.


A player can challenge one of his / her friends---or even a random player---to solve a puzzle that he / she composed. The winner collects the challenge value in coins from the loser.


In addition to the regular board, there are the weekly and the monthly boards that show top the players for the current week and current month respectively. They are used to organize competitions and to distribute prizes regularly.

fast and calm

In “The fast and Calm”, players compete to solve the same puzzle, and the winner is the one who first solves the puzzle in the least number of steps.


In “The Cup Tournament”, players play against each other in a knockout tournament.


We have chosen one of the best professionals who compose movies soundtracks to make the game music. The wanted to give the players the feeling that they are watching a movie. Nevertheless, the rhythm varies to reflect the game level.


While playing, and depending on the game situation, the player hears famous actors encouraging him or commenting on her performance. One of the best imitation artists did these voice comments.

Regisseur Features


The Sams

Search, find, and win

The Sams is a game that leverages the GPS and Augmented Reality technologies that are becoming available in most mobile devices. The player (user of TheSams game) will find a list of competitions that are active at any point of time. To win a competition, a player has to collect a number of virtual items that are distributed in different geographical locations.
Different organizations (TheSams customers) create and operate the competitions from their respective accounts. A player chooses one of them, checks what are the items to be collected, and starts collecting them. The first player to collect all the items of a competition wins it.

  • Platform: Android and IOS mobile devices
  • Genre: Augmented Reality – Location Based
  • Expected Release Date: April 2021.
  • Monetization model: Customers subscription
  • Number of players: One
  • Game length: 1 week per competition

The Sams



The Sams Highlights

Customers View

Each customer has a game master account. A game master initiates a competition: start and end time and the items to collect. Besides, initiating a competition, the game master creates geographical locations, moves items geographically, and writes, to the competition feed, hints about the items locations.

Location Based

A player can only collect an item when the item is close and can be seen on the mobile screen. Items that are far away appear on the map to guide the player. There are two types of maps: far-range where the items are shown as icons on the map and medium-range where a hot-cold meter indicates the closeness of an item.

Augmented Reality

When an item to be collected in within the collection range, an Augmented Reality “capture” screen automatically shows up. It contains a 3D model of the item to be captured.


The player can choose between many avatars. The customers can order customized avatars.




Think fast, take risks, and build your 11 squad

Eleven is a game for football (soccer) fans. It tests their knowledge on who plays / played in which club. For a given footballer, the game player has to choose, from a set of choices, another footballer who plays / played in one of the clubs in which that footballer plays / played. To make things interesting, the player is challenged to finish a complete streak, composed of 10 puzzles. Succeeding in doing so will end up by composing a team of 11 players. The trick though is that each puzzle has to be finished in less time than the prior one. In return, higher number of points are given as a reward.

  • Platform: Android and IOS mobile devices
  • Genre: Trivia
  • Expected Release Date: February 2020.
  • Monetization model: Freemium
  • Number of players: One – Many in competitions
  • Game length: 150 hours




Eleven Highlights

Game Play

The game starts by showing a footballer and the player is asked to choose, from a number of other footballers, one who has played in the same team as the former one. If he chooses the correct one, he is offered another set of choices from whom she should choose a player who has played in the same team as the correct choice of the previous game. This will continue as long as she makes the right choice, within the given time, until a team of eleven players is formed. Each round, the time given to find the correct answer decreases. The number of points, however, increases in each round. The user loses if he makes the wrong choice or does not answer in time. In this case, she loses all the points accumulated from all previous rounds. He can avoid this by forfeiting before the time allowed for a round passes.


A player can create a competition and specifies the competition start date and time, maximum number of players allowed, and participation share in coins. She can make it public or by invitation. The participants are offered the same series of questions in the same time. The player who gets more points wins. If more than one player get the same number of points, whoever does this in less time wins. The winner of the competition takes the coins that were collected from all participating players.


We have chosen one of the best professionals who compose movies soundtracks to make the game music. The wanted to give the players the feeling that they are watching a movie. Nevertheless, the rhythm varies to reflect the game level.

Leader Board

There are 3 leader boards; the weekly shows the players who collected the most points in the current week; the monthly shows those who collected the most points in the current month; and the historical shows the top players since the beginning of the game. The first two leader boards (weekly and monthly) are used to organize competitions and to distribute prizes regularly.




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